NMB’s Rules of Pre-Holiday Retail: “Don’t let the promise of short-term volume compromise long-term brand equity”

This past week, our firm walked the high-end boutiques along Melrose Avenue and Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles. In store after store, we were greeted immediately with “Everything in the store is an additional 40% off” and whispers of “Everything in this room is 70% off.” I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t pay full price for Alexander McQueen ever again after seeing such drastic slashes. The discounts also had the effect of cheapening others’ brand premises along the block. A more moderate rocker-brand boutique down the street was full-on full price . . . nothing was marked down.  That left me a bit indignant . . . who are they to stay at full price on their $140.00 screened t-shirts when “real” designers are getting drastic?  Like the old Saturday Night sketch:  “The ones who ruined it for everyone.”  Where did we stick around for a while? The completely full price Chanel boutique . . . Order was restored!


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