Sears Fears . . . and Hopes?

While, I’m baffled that Sears can justify investments such as opening an online boutique featuring back-to-school apparel and dorm-room furniture (on teen site while steadfastly refusing to invest in store remodels for BTS, I’m still not taking Sears’ sales declines at face (lack of) value . . . 62% second quarter decline – ouch!

Mr. Lampert has hinted at future moves that will “monetize” Sears legacy brands (Die Hard, Kenmore, Craftsman) and now is a good time. Despite difficult times, J.C. Penney, Walmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Staples, and others are blasting out more new private and exclusive brands than ever; positioning for market share grabs as others stumble or fall (in the case of Staples, they’re all about their HIGH-end own brand)

What’s in the “box,” and how pretty it looks will be moot points if/when Sears brands land in a Home Depot or Walmart near you. Sears becomes the next NRDC, Iconix, Cherokee … another inventory-less, pure play brand broker!


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