P.R.I.S.M. et. al.: The Measure of a Manufacturer

Isn’t data grand?  Letting you know how your products are selling and where; and now, with the retailer and mega-vendor supported P.R.I.S.M initiative, potentially taking the guesswork out of dubious sales and marketing spends.

. . . or depending on how you look at it, tipping the retailer/vendor imbalance even more in the retailers’ favor . . . woe again to analytically-challenged vendors!

The fact is data has become a power tool for retailers and a fright-fest for the vast majority of retail vendors.  Remember when it used to be the other way around?  I do.  The fact is, many vendors (those who don’t have stadiums named after them) have squandered the “vendor managed” opportunity by under-investing in analytical resources and waiting for compliance mandates instead of stepping out (RFID anyone?) . . . all the while saying “show me the ROI!”

Time to step up and out.  Retailers and biggie vendors are going to be even more armed and dangerous as in-store activity goes from anecdotal to analytical . . . and they won’t just be evaluating their bang-for-the-buck opportunities, they’ll be deciding your in-store fate with data to back it up.  Waiting to see how it will all turn out and hoping to make sense out of second generation information will put you behind.  Participate or perish!


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